A one year story..

Something I wanted to say, or let’s say to write, even though I don’t remember when was the last time I wrote something.. to myself.. for myself..
I was deeply in love with writing.
I wrote several quotes, and spilled few words that have been shared mostly in tumblr.
And then life happens..
I started to lose that talent, or the gift to express and to force my thoughts, and my feelings into words, and to use them as a shelter..
I was living a quiet life, nothing so big. After I had graduated, I found this nice job, which helped me gain a proper knowledge and then I got promoted to be the Head of one of the IT departments in it.
بتوفيق من رب العالمين
And, I was heading to the gym 5-6 times a week!
That’s pretty much it. Nothing so important just staying at home, or running errands or catching friends and having some coffee..
At that time I was always dreaming of having my own cafe, a small business, nothing fancy, a small one just like the ones you see in old towns.. and I’d be happy with it.. Very.
After years had passed..
Last year I was introduced by one of my closest friends to invest in a company, startup, to start working on it, to help it grow and to become something.. and maybe, it’ll be a successful story.. a dream each one of us, have..
And, we did..
We invested..
Just like any other business, we started slow..
I don’t know this life!
The life of having a business, and this experience is totally new!!
Slowly, I was noticing the difference between (what was my life) and (what my life is going into right now)..
It was really hard, and never been easy..
Thinking of making big steps, and at the same time I’ve never been a CEO of anything!
Maybe the CEO of making jokes? Or maybe the CEO of ordering food, and how awesome I was while ordering Pizzas and junk food. That’s it..
We bought @KashtahApp
Till this date, definitely, nothing is easy.. facing problems, and managing to solve them as soon as we could, and at the same time the lazy life was continuously flashing..
It is hard you know? When you’re slowly giving away your comfort..
I wanted to quit several times, I wanted just to go back to my comfortable life.. when the biggest concern was how to lift 2.5KG more for the biceps to grow!
And now, after one year of digging and fighting..
I started to ride that wave, the wave of being busy.. the wave that’ll إن شاء الله help me build something I’d be proud of.. the wave that’ll make me happier, and to fulfill the dream I had before, of owning a small business..
As I’m writing right now, I’m changing (Booking dates for customers, editing photos of pool owners and eating crisps)..
الله يوفقنا جميعاً على الكسب الطيّب
والسمعه الطيبه
والأخلاق الحسنه
والرزق الحلال ويبارك لنا في حياتنا واعمارنا على ما يُحب ربنا ويرضى.. 💙