and it is ok

A short story:

And vast, beyond human capabilities I’ve waited.. Perhaps, you’d show up..

Perhaps, I’d see you from distance running to me.. After I had left my work, so I have you in my arms.. holding you so tight, and by then you’d be able to notice my beating heart.. It only had beaten for you..

And, perhaps by then I would be able to take you to your favourite place.. feed you, and wipe what’s on your lips and taste it..

Perhaps, you’d call me in the middle of the night wanting me.. And, I’ll be there waiting.. I’ll calm your storms, tell you that everything is alright, tell you a story and put you back to sleep..

Perhaps, you’d show up at my work, telling me that you have missed me.. and that what has been done was wrong.. and that you want us back..

Perhaps, you’d want to share a pizza.. or I’d say, go out for a pizza.. and, I’ll be waiting.. smiling when you start eating eagerly, and see bits and pieces of pepperoni and ketchup on your cheek.. and, I’ll start laughing and wipe it for you..

Perhaps, you want to go out for a walk because you don’t feel alright.. or you call me, and I’ll figure it out that you are upset and I’d ask to take you out for a walk.. tell you jokes, and fix your mood for you.. and, I’d tell you that whatever happens, you are the most gorgeous flower.. you are delicate, and beautiful.. and without you, my life wouldn’t have been beautiful.. your smile makes flowers grow.. and that you are worth it..

But.. *tears started falling*.. but.. you never called.. you never showed up.. you never did..

And it is ok.

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